Best Robotic Smartphone Gadgets that you Can Buy Online

Robotics has been in talks for ages now and today there are multiple gadgets that work like robots for doing some simple tasks for us. Smartphone gadgets is also that we need day to day and hence Let’s see some of  the best Robotic Smartphone gadgets that you can actually buy online.

1. Colored Electronic Cigarette

    Cigarettes are more common but these days E Liquids bases e cigarettes are becoming extremely popular especially among the youth. To add more colors to it and look cool during smoking it this Colored Electronic cigarette can be used. Since it is also cheap this can actually help you is quiting Smoking.

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2. Crab Drone

By this time you already know what a drone is but the smartphone gadgets that we are about to see is somewhat different. Crab Drone is the drone that can be folded. by doing this you can easily carry with you and also this can fly under any circumstances. You can use this cheap drone to do aerial shots and even do cinematic stuffs.

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3. Smartphone controlled Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

   Vacuum cleaner is nothing new but you have to use it manually in order to get your place cleaned. This can be solved by a robotic vacuum cleaner. The Ilife Vacuum cleaner that we are looking at is much cheaper than the Xiaomi’s Mi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and also does all the same thing that the Mi Robot does.

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4. Appbot Raily

    Appbot Raily is a Robotic security camera that can be controlled via you smartphone. If you want to add an extra layer of security to your place this can come handy especially for the price that it is being sold for.

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