Bigg Boss Vote – Vote and Make your Favorite Contestants Win!

Bigg Boss is a Reality Show in which people is allowed to vote and make their favorite contestants Win the 100 Days show. In this post,  Let’s see how you can post your votes apart from searching Bigg Boss Vote in the Google Search.

Bigg Boss Shows have recently become extremely popular in India especially in the South India since almost all the South Indian languages now have a Bigg Boss show for their region.  Not to forget the Hindi Bigg Boss which is being continuously held for more than 10 seasons now by Salman Khan.

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Bigg Boss Tamil is hosted by Kamal Haasan for the two season that it is being happening in that regional language. It has become extremely popular after the First season was a massive hit and now it’s being hosted in Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada also simultaneously.

To cast your Bigg Boss Vote, you can google search it and cast your votes directly. And this method is followed for almost all the regional languages conducting Bigg Boss in their regions specifically. For example, if you want to cast your votes for  Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 , you can simply Google Search “Bigg Boss Vote Tamil” and there you can post your votes ie 10 per day for a person.

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Ways to Vote :

Even Though Google Search works fine and it is also the best way to do the same, it is not the only way to do so.

You can cast your votes on Hotstar, the Star Network’s private app which also streams the Bigg Boss Live.In that you can save your favorite contestants to make them win or else make them stay longer in the house as a housemate.

And also to cast your votes for the Bigg Boss Tamil, you can give a missed call to a specific number which we cannot mention here since it’s been keep on changing every week after every Bigg Boss Nomination.

So to sum things Up, if you want to make your favorite contestant win the Bigg Boss you can either Google search and cast votes, Give a missed call as much as you can or else at last you can cast your votes via the Hotstar app itself.

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