Top Tech under 1000 Rs that are Pretty Cool!

Tech is always impressive and we are here to bring you some Top Tech under 1000 Rs that you buy actually buy anywhere in the world.

Top Tech under 1000 Rupees

1.  Cheap Apple Watch 

The first one in our Top Tech is a Cheap Apple Watch. This gadget is a clone of Apple watch, a smart watch phone. Box has the watch, usb cable and a manual. It’s the z60 smart watch, this has some pretty nice features first lets look at the build.

This has a metal mesh type strap which gives a good look, 1.54 inch TFT color display the body however is plastic build and tries to mimic the apple watch dont expect a very premium looking watch here but yeah its good. It comes in 3 colors, silver, gold and black.  Side has a micro USB slot for charging and right a dial style home button.

Coming to the features it has a 380 mah removal battery, with 2 days back up on a single charge, a micro sim slot & a micro sd card slot with 32gb support. This can be a standalone phone to attend calls, messaging, music, etc or when paired with your smartphone can push alerts , notifications etc

It has a vga Camera as well to take photos .can you believe it.. yeah it is there if you want one but i don’t think you will be taking photo using it. Some features like changing watch faces, locate phone, alarm, music player, calculator, call recorder, etc are all there. UI is just Ok. We don’t have high hopes given the price. If you want a basic smartwatch with some features & good looks.

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Xiaomi Mini Fan

2. Xiaomi Mini Fan

Next up when i say Top Tech in budget there has to be a Xiaomi product and here is one cool thing from xiaomi, a MINI FAN. Package Includes… the fan, a base, usb cable, Manual and that’s about it.

This looks really cool and well built with a 7 blade design and it comes in 3 colors green blue and orange. It has 3 level fan speed & surprisingly powerful enough. Air flow is good, noise levels are minimum because of its brush less motor. Lightweight, handheld style and portable!

With a Built-in 2000 mAh battery charging takes around 3 hrs and gives 4 hrs on a single charge. If you want to use it on your desk , you can do that as well. Just attach it to the base & you should be good If it had angle adjustment would have been great excluding that.. it’s a funky , cool , portable , durable fan and handy during summers.

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bluetooth gloves

3. Bluetooth Gloves

Next in our Top tech is a super cool product, a pair of nice gloves. People living in cold places often find it difficult to use their touch screen smartphones when they are outside wearing gloves.  This product gives them a sigh of relief.  Package has Pair of Gloves, Instruction Manual, Charging Cable, charging cable manualYes, this is a bluetooth glove!

This gloves is for people who live in the coldest region, they can wear these and use their phones since it is touch friendly. They can access their phones and touch will work without any issues and to top it up it has inbuilt mic & speaker in this finger tip which allows you to take phone calls when connected via Bluetooth. It has inbuilt bluetooth support. Long press the power to enter into pairing mode, pair it via Bluetooth to your smartphone and you are set. When a call comes in you can speak via your finger by placing it.

On single charge u can use it for max 6 to 8 hrs, you can even even listen to music & change tracks. Call quality is ok so is the music quality and also remember you can’t expect much but definitely very handy when you are in a cold environment you need not take your phone out when a call comes in very useful ..would , make a great Top Tech gift!

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cheap ip camera

4. Cheap IP Camera

Next is an IP camera from digoo. I always strive hard to find interesting home automaton or home security products on a budget . This is a  cool IP camera that can be used for home security. Best part is this camera also comes with cloud storage support which i will explain in a bit.

The box has the camera itself, User Manual Guide Card, scan the qr code for the Manual which is a must read. The camera itself is very small and easy to hang anywhere you want to.

Front we have the wide angle lens, light sensor on top indicator light, in the bottom micro sd card slot on the side for storage, back a reset switch and the speaker. It has a 2 way audio . It can record the surrounding sound and can also play what you speak when connected remotely.

Bottom has a mic & Micro USB port which powers the camera. Sadly there is no cable and adapter in the box, so you need to attach it to one u already have.

You can then download the digoo cloud app on your smartphone, follow on screen instructions and connect the camera to your home wifi internet. Point the camera towards the the qr code on the app and you are all set. You get the camera feed even on a remote internet say 4g, you can monitor it live via the app any time.

The camera even has night vision, Alarm , motion detection, and a few other features. The footage gets stored in the sd card or even remotely on your smartphone. However as said it supports cloud storage, so you can even directly store the footage to the cloud. It comes with 15 days free trial for the space after which u can pay for the cloud storage depending on your needs, very handy to avoid footage theft. But if you don’t want to use cloud forget what i said and use a normal sd card. It records in 720p resolution.

Over all a must have , compact super impressive budget friendly security camera packed with features.

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dictionary hidden safe

5.  Dictionary Hidden Safe

This is a detective type secret storage book which I found this to be impressive. It looks like a normal dictionary but actually it is a secret box. Open the book, it has a metal vault with a number lock which you can set as per your need, enter the correct passcode & open the box. You can store extra cash, jewelry, etc and this time its safe with a lock.

The “dictionary style” book in disguise has added a sense of mystery which no one will find out if you place it in your book shelf Diversion safes like these provide the perfect hiding place for your valuables from prying eyes.

Very handy gadget for Top Tech under 1000 Rs.

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6 in 1 survival kit

6. 6 in 1 Survival Kit

Next is a  6 in 1 emergency survival kit, a very handy one during travel , camping etc. Pretty solid box super compact, Says SOS on top of it.

Inside you get foldable Multi-function plier which also has a led flashlight, a knife, a screw driver, bottle opener a few other things.This is amazing to cramp in so many things into 1 & then 1 Survival Whistle. In case you are lost in the forest you can use this or when your ship wrecks and you want to call for help like rose.

Then a small Compass to help you with directions, then 1 Flintstone to make fire which  by rubbing it you can create fire, then a Multi functional tool card

I Would highly recommend this for people who are adventurous and love outdoor sports.

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Wireless calling bell

7. Wireless Calling Bell

Last in our list of Top Tech under 1000 Rs is a wireless calling bell meaning a door bell, but kinda smart with no wiring, etc needed. Traditional calling bell units are connected via electrical wiring. When you have a pretty large house say upstairs, downstairs, garden etc it becomes tough sometimes to hear the door bell.

This is where the smart wireless door bell comes in handy. In the box we have 2 receivers, 1 transmitter, a Double-sided adhesive and a sticker which says please ring bell, a Manual, Screws.

You get 2 receivers, the receivers has a plug that goes into a power socket. A tone key helps to change tone upto 38 tones which you can set to your liking. Volume keys  has 3 level volume adjustment and boy its pretty loud.

And the transmitter , basically its the ding dong switch which you need to place outside your main door. Connect the receiver to a power socket where you want the bell to ring.

For example Living room , Bedroom etc one in each location. This model comes with 2 receivers & also there is a 4 receiver model if you want to cover more areas. Then attach double side tape to the back of the transmitter and stick it where ever you want outside your door and you are all set. No wiring and drilling mess needed its wireless and works with a normal battery inside and huh by the way the transmitter is also water proof. So no need to worry of rain etc if you are planning to attach it outdoors.

On press ,the units placed in your rooms starts to ring the tone you have set no wires etc. just works. It’s cool isn’t it? Very handy if you have a large house or specially if you have old people at your home helps them a lot to hear the bell or even you can also use it as a help switch for them to call.

Multi purpose wireless doorbell hassle free installation and works like a charm and definitely a handy one.

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So this is what we have for the Top Tech under 1000 Rupees and you can check them out by clicking the “Buy this Product” Link mentioned after every product. Do share this post with friends and family who likes some Cool Tech around them.

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