Top Tech under 25 Dollars that You Can’t Miss

Tech is always cool and if it’s Top Tech under 25 Dollars it’s even more cool. Isn’t it? So, if you’re looking to pick up some cool gadgets but don’t wanna drop a ton of cash, this is where you wanna be.

Switch Pro Controller

1. Switch Pro Controller

First up, if you own a Nintendo Switch and you don’t own this, you probably wanna change that. What this is, is a really nifty, handy, unique docking station where you can charge four Joy-Cons at once, two Joy-Cons and a Pro Controller, or, if you wanna get crazy, up to two Pro Controllers at the same time.

Now, probably my biggest gripe with this is the build isn’t amazing. It’s good, it just isn’t like over the top good. But, again, for the price you can’t really complain. Not only is this under 25 bucks, right now it is under 20. What I do like about this is, one, it uses USB-C to charge, the same as a Switch, so anytime you can eliminate the need to have multiple cables or adapters, that is always a good thing.

Two, is getting the ton down with a relatively compact footprint. Again, up to four Joy-Cons at once but it is taking up pretty much no space at all. Three, it is very well thought-out so it’s super simple to tell if something is charged or not charged. Red equals not charged and green, you guessed it, equals charged.

And, I like the fact you can see this from across the room so you don’t gotta be all up in the controller docking station to say hey, is this charging, is it not charged? No, you will clearly be able to tell if it’s charged or not charged. Also, not gonna lie, I get a little bit of the Star Wars feels right here because there is no doubt a little bit of that light saber vibes going on. So, if you happen to like Nintendo Switch plus Star Wars and charging your Joy-Cons and not spending a lot of money, what else could you ask for?

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Super Mario Brothers block lamp

2. Super Mario Brothers Lamp

Next is this awesome little Super Mario Brothers block lamp. I love lights, I love Super Mario Brothers, so I really like this. Now, it’s extremely lightweight, it’s plastic so it’s not gonna be super heavy. So if you wanna add some spice or some flavor to your set-up this is a super, fantastic way to do that. So, as far as power goes you can run this off three AA batteries or plug it in via micro-USB and power it that way as well. Now, as awesome as this is probably the absolute coolest thing about this no doubt is, get ready for it. Without question, you are probably going to annoy someone in your family if you repeatedly do that but there is no denying that that is extremely satisfying, and makes me  very, very happy.

The good news is though that you can actually turn that off so if you just wanna actually turn the light on and off without the sound you can do that. But where’s the fun in that? It’s just a light at that point. For a Top tech under 25 dollors that thing is amazing.

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Top Tech under 25 Dollars

3. Cowin YOYO Speaker

Following that is the Cowin YOYO speaker which gives me this, like, hybrid, Big Hero Six and Wall-E vibe. It’s kinda just like this cute, adorable, little robot speaker that you couldn’t even be mad at even if it didn’t sound good. Fortunately, though, it does sound good. It’s not amazing but for the price, for the form-factor, you can’t expect a miracle.It is, though, a great little travel speaker for the price, if you just wanna throw something in your backpack, and definitely amplify something louder than your phone.

It’ll give you five hours of playback, a 66 ft connection distance, so for whatever reason if you wanna be 66 feet away from your phone to little Big Hero Six Wall-E Junior, you can do that.  Beyond that, there’s a built-in microphone so if you wanna use little Wall-E Junior to make a phone call, he is a multi-talented little dude. I like the fact that there are touch controls so you can tap to play or pause. And that’s really a big deal because for most speakers at this price point, that is not something you’re normally getting. There’s also a built-in sub-woofer but don’t let little Wall-E Junior fool you, it’s just impossible to get that much low-end out of a speaker this size.

For a Top Tech under 25 Dollars, You kinda really gotta go into it with moderate expectations. It’s a relatively decent-sounding speaker that looks adorable and isn’t going to break the bank.

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BagSmart Travel Bag

4. BagSmart Travel Bag

If you wanna keep your tech neat and organized I highly recommend the BagSmart Travel Bag. At first glance, this looks like a small pouch that is slightly bigger than a smartphone. But when you open it up, that is when the magic happens.

The amount of tech that fits inside is pretty incredible. In the middle, there’s a big pocket which allows you to fit a large power bank. And below that are cut-outs for the USB ports to make it very easy to access them whenever you wanna charge your device.

To the right, there’s a spacious zip-up bag with three mesh pockets that allow you to store a bunch of accessories. I typically carry a portable hard drive, an Aperture M9 light, a pair of Apple AirPods, SD cards and SD card reader, and a USB dongle for the MacBook Pro.

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H18+ Wireless Mini Keyboard

5. H18+ Wireless Mini Keyboard

And next up is the H18+ Wireless Mini Keyboard. First off I love the fact that this little guy works pretty much anywhere. Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, even some smart TVs. So, it’s kinda like awesome, little, multi-tool, little wireless control that works on any device you want. So, the touchpad acts as both a keyboard and a mouse,  and the way you cycle between those is literally by pressing one button. So, if you count my recent Mac Mini Plex Server set-up where I used an Apple wireless keyboard, this is actually a great alternative to that and it’s going to be much, much cheaper.  Probably the one thing I would have loved to have seen here is the ability to switch between multiple devices. So, maybe wanna go from your Xbox to your TV to your Mac, that would have been awesome, but again for the price you can’t really complain.

Now, it’s kind of an added bonus there’s definitely a little bit of that T-Mobile sidekick action going on so you have kind of that nostalgia combined into a more modern set-up, and more importantly, more than anything, it works really well, especially for the price, you couldn’t really ask for more.

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I hope this list of  Top Tech under 25 Dollars is useful and you can find the links for those below each products mentioned. Stay Tuned for more amazing Tech Coverage.

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